WildWood House & Garden

Project launched:  Jul 2017

Wildwood was launched in February 2018 and was my first project using Hugo, a Static Site Generator, and DatoCMS.

In mid 2017 I started the design process which also involved designing the logo for this new business venture. I used Adobe Photoshop to produce the design, which was a pretty quick process, and after a couple of tweaks the client signed off the design.

I decided to use a collection of technologies called the 'JAMStack' and used a Static Site Generator (SSG) called Hugo and a headless CMS called DatoCMS - this relatively new technology makes it possible to build secure, fast, scalable and easily maintainable websites with very low overheads after initial development. The website gets the best of both worlds - it's static so it's fast and secure, yet it has a CMS that makes day to day running of the site a breeze. They're also very Google friendly and perform very well on mobile devices.

100% design, coding and DevOps handled by myself. A static site built with the Foundation framework using HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Gulp, Hugo and DatoCMS. The site is hosted on Netlify, employing a continuous deployment set-up with GitHub & Netlify.