Project launched:  Jul 2008

A complete build from scratch of Future Publishings music related website, MusicRadar.

In Spring of 2008 our team began building MusicRadar - Futures main music focussed website at the time. With a core team of 6 developers, we worked closely with designers, project stakeholders and the marketing department to help make this product the best it could be.

Build on CakePHP and using Futures own in-house publishing platform the website launched on time and on budget and our team received a great deal of kudos from the editorial team and senior management - we had an amazing launch party in London!!

During the project, as well as being the office semantics pedant, I took on more responsibilities within the team and supported our senior project manager in helping to manage JIRA stories and I also mentored a less experienced member of the dev team, as well as attending project meetings with stakeholders and senior management.

It's always a great buzz to be involved in a project of this size with a great team, knowing what it means to the stakeholders and the company as a whole.