Cycling news

A complete rebuild and content migration of the largest cycling news website in the world. Rebuilt from the ground up.

Migrated from a 100% static HTML website (with literally thousands of html files) to a content and asset managed system developed in-house by the Future Publishing dev team. 9 Months, between 8 and 10 developers, 2 project managers, 2 designers and our manager, Stefan, who is the Yoda of regex.

What can I say about CyclingNews? So much. It is by far the largest project I've worked on, both in terms of budget and duration and was a total labour of love - it threw everything at us in spadefuls :)

Bought by Future in 2007 or 2008 from an Australian company, the website had been managed with just HTML files, a beast and was the most visited website in the cycling world with a hugely passionate and dedicated following from its users. This brought its own challenges in that we ran the risk of losing a huge chunk of the userbase if the design / functionality of the site wasn't spot on - Over the weeks after launch, a handful of us spent time in the community forums engaging with users, both angry and positive about the new site.

As with other projects we had worked on, I took on a support role to assist the project manager with managing the JIRA stories at a team level, ensuring tickets were assigned appropriately and completed on time. During the project I won employee of the month and shortly after we launched, I was promoted to Project Co-ordinator whilst also working on front-end code.