Project launched:  May 2006

A complete build from scratch of Future Publishings flagship cycling website.

In June of 2007 a small, core team of developers began building BikeRadar - Futures flagship cyling focussed website at the time. We based ourselves in a small meeting room in the New Media department offices - two front-end developers, two back-end developers, a designer and our manager - we worked tirelessly to achieve what seemed like an impossible deadline of 4 weeks. We had an extremely strong team which also consisted of a project manager and another designer/front-end dev with support from the SysOps team.

After many man hours of work at all hours of the day, we launched the website on time. I was given a 20% increase in salary shortly after the website launched and went on to take a more senior role within the 3 man front-end team, mentoring less experienced members of the team.

It was an amazing buzz to be involved in a project of this size with such a great team, knowing what it meant to the stakeholders and the company as a whole. We won the internet the day we launched this site! I'm really proud of what we achieved and went on to achieve as a team.