Project launched:  Nov 2018

ArchaeoApp is a tool for archaeology fans. Document, share and discover archaeological sites wherever you are in the world.

ArchaeoApp was born from a passion for archaeology and the lack of somewhere central to put all of our knowledge, photos and research on sites that we'd visited. So, being a web developer by trade, I decided to build a simple app to enable us to document all of this interesting stuff. Well, that simple app has bigger plans now and if you're in to archaeology and like to document your adventures and experiences, then watch this space! :)

100% of the concept, design, development and DevOps was handled by myself. Currently in long term development and being designed on the fly in the browser (in rare moments of free-time), this is a SPA (Single Page Application) being built with React, Redux, Bootstrap and Firebase. The site is currently hosted with Firebase Hosting.

I have plans to move the data side of the application to use a headless CMS,, as I've found it a pleasure to use whilst building